Chivadora EH  ster, pref, PROK, EPTM(dr), wffs free

Mare,  born: April 30th 2007, height 1.67 m,  KWPN dressage index (as a 10 year old): 150, dressage level: B.

head chivadora

Florencio I  keur
Small Tour dress
Florestan I Fidelio
Walessa Weltmeyer
Vidora EH elite, pref,  sport (dr)
Z2 dress
Jazz pref
GP dress
Cocktail keur
GP dress
Charmante keur
Nivaldora sport (dr)
Z2 dress
May Sherif
PSG dress
Rolanda keur pref prest

A video of 2010 EPTM test & KWPN inspection (23.2 Mb - 346 kb/s) is available on line.

Hints and tips for playing the video.

 Dutch article about Chivadora's bloodlines:
"Keurhengst Florencio" (In De Strengen Nr.9-2015)

"Sir Sinclair en Florencio I KEUR verklaard" (website KWPN febr 2015)


Chivadora's dam line originates from KWPN breeding family 1633.
With a dressage index of 165 (KWPN table 2013), her dam Vidora is in the top 200 of best KWPN dressage mares in her category. Chivadora's great granddam Rolanda gave the small tour dressage horse Flying Dutchman (by Zevenster), and also the Grand Prix dressage horse Privaldi (by Gribaldi), which holds the 236th position on the WBFSH-list of dressage horses (2012). A full sister of Rolanda's dam Joliza gave the international Grand Prix showjumping mare Ferina (by Ramiro). Chivadora is a halfsister to KWPN approved stallion Joyride EH.

Chivadora combines the genes of excellent sport horses from both dam's and sire's side. Names like Florestan and Weltmeyer need no further explanation. Her dam's sire Jazz has sucessfully shown Grand Prix with two different riders, and more and more of his offspring reach the highest levels in international Grand Prix, like Parzival with Adelinde Cornelissen and many more.

From her dam's side she also carries the world famous Doruto blood in the 4th generation.

Her sire KWPN keur stallion Florencio became world famous in 2004 and 2005, when he won the World Championships of young dressage horses at Verden.

Born on the Dutch National holiday "Queens day", her first day in the pastures was one filled with sunshine.

Chivadora has exceptional gaits with a lot of reach and suspension, and a very strong hindend.

In March 2010 she took part in the EPTM mare test in the NHB centre Deurne. She passed successfully with the following scores: 

walk: 6.5(2x)     trot: 8(2x)     canter: 8(2x)    suppleness: 8    balance: 7    
rideability: 8    talent for dressage: 7.5       TOTAL: 75.5 points = EPTM predicate!

She also participated in the KWPN mare inspection in Deurne, where she scored 65 points for exterior and 75 points for movements. At the age of nearly 3, her musculatur and body are not yet developed well enough to be rewarded Ster. The KWPN judges' opinion was that she's a very talented mare that will definitely grow into it. So we decided to show her again in one or two years to get her Ster predicate. It's in her genes from dam's side to be late mature.

Chivadora was x-rayed in sept 2009 and meets the KWPN PROK requirements.

In june 2011, at the age of 4, she easily gained her STER predicate at the KWPN mare inspection in Panningen. 


1.  Gajadora EH  Elite, EPTM(dr), PROK, Sport(dr), ZZ-L dress  (2011, filly by Uphill). Sold to a dressage rider in the Netherlands.

2.  Havadora EH  Ster, D-OC  (2012, filly by Bretton Woods). We keep her for breeding.

3.  Imphydora EH  (2013, filly by Davino V.O.D.). Sold to a dressage rider in the Netherlands.

4.  J'adora EH  (2014, filly by Everdale), died when one week old.    

5.  Lunadora EH  Elite, EPTM, D-OC  (2016, filly by Bordeaux). Not for sale.   

6.  Matadora EH  D-OC  (2017, filly by Ferdeaux). Sold to the Netherlands.                                                                                                 

7.  Nouveaux EH   D-OC (2018, colt by Ferdeaux). Sold to the Netherlands.

8.  Patton EH  D-OC  (2020, colt by Le Formidable). Sold to a Dutch celebrity in Grand Prix Sales auction.

CK Sevenum 2011
Chivadora 4 yrs old at the KWPN CK Limburg.
Chivadora Deurne 2010

Chivadora nearly 3 yrs old at the KWPN EPTM test in Deurne. She passed the test.
BVOF De Engelse Hoeve 2007_0713_CQ.jpg (171597 bytes)

                        July 2007, picture by