Horse videos on website: word of warning

Video files cotain a lot of information and therefore tend to be rather large. With modern ADSL or cable connections to the internet this does not need to give problems. We have processed our movies to have a data transfer rate (384 kb/sec) which is much lower than most ADSL or cables ( > 1000 kb/sec) connections can handle. This means the movies will start almost instantaneously and should keep running to the end.

On the other hand, when you have a telephone line, you may find the movies to download slowly. In this case, it is strongly recommended to download the movie first to your local hard disk and run the show from your local system. This will prevent data transfer problems and give maximum smoothness of the movements.

A simple rule of thumb indicates that the connection speed divided by 10 is about the speed in bytes/second of downloading.

Below you find some simple calculations about estimates of the download time (in minutes!):

File size (Mb)

Connection speed (kbaud)

30 60 120 240 500
0.5 3 min 2 1 1 1
1.0 5 min 3 1 1 1
1.5 8 min 4 2 1 1
2.0 11 min 5 3 2 1

The filetype for the video is .wmv , which can be viewed by means of the Windows Media Player.

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