Gajadora EH  ELITE, EPTM(drs), Sport(dr)

Mare,  born: April 16th 2011, KWPN breeding value dressage (at birth): 162, dressage level: ZZ-Licht

Gajadora 20110619

Wolfgang keur
Berania ster pref prest
Naomi Ceroon ster pref prest
Apollonios xx
Cerona ster
Chivadora EH ster pref PROK  EPTM (dr) Florencio  keur Florestan I
Vidora EH elite pref sport (dr) Jazz pref
Nivaldora sport (dr)

A video (2 months old) (13,4 Mb - 1000 kb/s) is available on line.

Hints and tips for playing the video.

The liver chestnut filly Gajadora arrived very actively: she was standing up in minutes after birth. With a pedigree of pure dressage champions we have high expectations of her.
She shows an easy and lovable character without any fear, and extremely supple movements with lots of reach and suspension (see our video where she's 2 months old).

In june 2014 at the age of 3, Gajadora was decorated with the STER predicate with the following notes: constitution 70, walk 70, trot 75, canter 80, movements 75.

VIDEO of the keuring.

In february 2015 she passed her EPTM exam sucessfully with an 8 for her canter and rideability and a total score of 75 points.

VIDEO of the EPTM exam.

On the pictures below she's a few hours old, it's her first time in the pasture.

Gajadora in pasture - 20110416
Gajadora and mother Chivadora - 20110416
gajadora happy in pasture on June 2 2011
6 weeks old playful in the pasture
head of Gajadora 20110619
Beauty queen after the rain, already changing foal coat, June 19 2011
Gajadora trot, July 2011
July 2011

June 2014: Gajadora as a 3 year old at the KWPN keuring where she was awarded STER.

Gajadora's first show
December 2014: Gajadora winner of B class at her very first official show!

at a show

Picture by:
Gajadora at Nationals October 2015: Gajadora got a 7th place in the B class at Dressage Nationals in Ermelo:

Gajadora at Nationals
Gajadora 5 yrs old
June 2016: Gajadora awarded Elite at CK in Houten.
Gajadora kampioen Z viertal Hippiade
  September 2017: Gajadora quadrille champion Z class at Dutch Dressage Nationals.