R.I.P. J'adora E.H.

June 30, 2014

This morning we had to take the hard decision to euthanatize our one week old filly J'adora (by Everdale).
One week ago, on the late sunday evening of june 22, our Chivadora got in trouble with the birth of her 4th foal. Half way the process we hurried to the horse clinic in Someren with her: the foal couldn't be born because the front legs were bent and the head was not in the right position, and we weren't able to correct that here with the help of our vet.
In the horse clinic we worked hard during more than an hour with 5 people to get the foal in a position so that it could be born the normal way. When born we were so happy that it was still alive, but there was a complication: due to uterine malposition she had not been able to stretch her forelimbs so they developed shortened ligaments and tendons, so both forelegs were contracted/curved, therefore she wasn't able to stand up and drink from the udder. Vets have tried to correct this with medicine, fysiotherapy and splints but after a week there wasn't enough improvement, so prognosis became rapidly worse. Yesterday she got a second complication: a leaking umbilicus, this made immediate surgery necessary. At this point we decided to euthanatize her to save her from further suffering. Our beloved J'adora: rest in peace, we couldn't win the battle against nature, you tried so hard...

J'adora in Someren june 25  J'adora in Someren june 29

J'adora at the horse clinic in Someren, one day old and 7 days old with splints.