Omar Sharif EH   D-OC         

Colt,  born: April 8 2019, KWPN breeding value dressage (at birth):  

6 weeks old

Just Wimphof
De Niro
Rastede -   Elite Sport(dr) Riccione
Havadora EH
Ster, D-OC, wffs-free
Bretton Woods
Johnson    keur
Annabel    pref elite
Chivadora EH
ster, pref, PROK, EPTM (dr)
Florencio  keur 
Vidora EH  elite pref sport (dr)
Z2 dress

Video of Omar Sharif - 5 weeks old.

Omar Sharif's dam line originates from KWPN breeding family 1633. Great granddam Vidora is in the top 200 of best KWPN mares in her class, with a dressage index of 165 (KWPN table 2013). Vidora gave the KWPN approved stallion Joyride EH (by Ampère). Vidora's granddam Rolanda gave the small tour dressage horse Flying Dutchman (by Zevenster), and also the Grand Prix dressage horse Privaldi (by Gribaldi), which holds the 236th position on the WBFSH-list of dressage horses (2012). A full sister of Rolanda's dam Joliza gave the international Grand Prix showjumping mare Ferina (by Ramiro). In the the 5th generation we see May Sherif in the pedigree, and in the 6th generation Omar Sharif carries the valuable Doruto blood in his veins (grandsire of Nivaldora).
Omar Sharif's granddam Chivadora is a halfsister to KWPN approved stallion Joyride EH., she's also the dam of Elite Sport(dr) Z2 dressage mare Gajadora EH.

Omar Sharif's sire Just Wimphof was ex aequo champion of the KWPN stallion licensing test in spring 2017, where he got a fabulous total score of 86 points with a 9 for his potential as a dressage horse and a 9 for his rideability and attitude. Just Wimphof is from the famous Kebandina damline where also Don Schufro comes from. His sire De Niro is a legend, he is at the 1st position of the WBFSH stallion ranking.


 1 day old
                       Omar Sharif 1 day old.
Omar Sharif 4 days old
                                                  Omar Sharif 4 days old.
6 weeks old  6 weeks old  6 weeks old
                                                                                                 Omar Sharif 6 weeks old.