R.I.P. Vidora EH.

June 8, 2017

This morning at around 9:30 am the most horrible scenario for every breeder came true at our stable: our beloved mare Vidora EH passed away and left her 1 day old foal Manhattan EH (by Franklin) behind. A severe internal bleeding in the uterus, a rare and totally unexpected birth complication which can occur within 48 hours after the birth, had a shocking outcome. Everything seemed right in the morning after the birth, Vidora was eating and relaxed. Then suddenly she became somewhat nervous, laid down, started sweating heavily and within 20 horrible minutes she slowly passed away. There was nothing at all we could do for her.
Thank you Vidora for giving us so much joy as a dressage horse at Z2 level, and also for giving us 9 beautiful foals, all very good movers with honest and friendly characters like yourself. You made us so proud when your son Joyride EH (by Ampère) was accepted for the KWPN stallion performance test at the stallion show in Den Bosch in february 2017. We will remember you as a very special, sensitive, soft and friendly mare, you are the foundation mare of our breeding. You will live on in your daughter Chivadora EH (by Florencio), your little foal Manhattan EH (by Franklin) who will never be sold, your granddaughters Havadora EH (by Bretton Woods) and Matadora EH (by Ferdeaux) and your great granddaughter Leadora EH (by Franklin) who are all still living at our farm. Rest in peace Vidora!

The story of her life (in Dutch).

Vidora CK Sevenum

Vidora at the CK in Sevenum where she received the Elite predicate.

Her son Joyride who was accepted for the KWPN stallion performance test:

Joyride EH