Latoya Dora EH   Ster, D-OC, PROK, wffs free   

Mare,  born: May 6th 2016, dressage index (at birth): 161 

Latoya Dora 1 day old

PSG dress
Bordeaux  keur 
GP dress
small tour dress
Venna - ster pref
Part Two - ster pref prest Ferro - keur pref
GP dress
Fabiola - ster
Vidora EH - elite, pref, sport (dr)
Z2 dress
Jazz - pref
GP dress
Cocktail - keur
GP dress
Charmante - keur
Nivaldora - sport (dr)
Z2 dress
May Sherif
PSG dress
Rolanda - keur pref prest

VIDEO of Latoya Dora (1 week old)

With international top dressage stallions like Jazz, May Sherif, Bordeaux and Ferro in her pedigree, Latoya Dora has all that it takes for a promising dressage horse.

Her dam line originates from KWPN breeding family 1633.
With a dressage index of 165 (KWPN table 2013), dam Vidora is in the top 200 of best KWPN dressage mares in her category. Latoya Dora's great granddam Rolanda gave the small tour dressage horse Flying Dutchman (by Zevenster), and also the Grand Prix dressage horse Privaldi (by Gribaldi), which holds the 236th position on the WBFSH-list of dressage horses (2012). A full sister of Rolanda's dam Joliza gave the international GP show jumping mare Ferina (by Ramiro).
Latoya Dora is a halfsister to KWPN approved stallion Joyride EH.
Latoya Dora's dam's sire Jazz has sucessfully shown Grand Prix with two different riders, and more and more of his offspring reach the highest levels in international Grand Prix, like Parzival with Adelinde Cornelissen and many more. From her dam's side she also carries the world famous Doruto blood in the 4th generation.
Sire Ferdeaux is developing very well as a breeding stallion as well as a sportshorse. He was reserve champion of the Pavo-cup for 5 year olds, he won the stallion competition in Roosendaal and he was champion of the stallion competition finals (M class) in 's Hertogenbosch in 2016. He was praised for his strong hindleg and his impressive frontleg usage. During stallion approval he got a 9 of his trot and a 9 for his canter. He shows lots of talent for collected work (piaffe/passage).
In february 2017, when his oldest children were 3 years old, Ferdeaux already had three sons selected for the KWPN stallion performance test, two of them are from the same combination: Ferdeaux x Jazz (cat nrs. 481 and 483). In july 2017 Ferdeaux qualified for the World Championships of young dressage horses by winning the preselection finals of the 7 year olds.
Ferdeaux's grandsire Olympic Ferro is one of KWPN's foundation stallions, having more than 10 licensed sons, of which Kennedy, Rousseau, Rhodium and Negro (sire of Valegro!) are the most famous.
Latoya Dora's grandsire
Bordeaux won his licensing and his performance test in 2009 and was high placed in the PAVO cup final in 2010. In 2012, ridden by Eva Möller, he was 4th in the finals of the World Championships of 6 year old dressage horses in Verden. In the winter of 2012/2013 he qualified, as a result of his outstanding wins at the KWPN stallion competitions, for the finals of his age group in 's-Hertogenbosch. He was the favourite and won the competition with a clear margin. In 2014 he won international competitions up to Prix St George; in 2015 he achieved his first high placings in Grand Prix classes. With a FN breeding value of 166 points, he is part of the top group of dressage sires in Germany. Bordeaux is bred from one of the most successful damlines in the world: he combines the best of Holstein, Oldenburg, Westphalia and Trakhener genes, he is a direct descendent of Angelo XX's daughter Adone, whose son Rembrandt is a 4 times Olympic gold medal winner. Adone is also a full sister to Olympic gold medal winner Ahlerich, and Olympic silver medal winner Amon.

Latoya Dora has the D-OC predicate (DNA score 99), also her dam Vidora is PROK certified, which gives a certain guarantee for clean x-rays for her offspring.
Latoya Dora was x-rayed in august 2019 and met the requirements of the PROK predicate (PROK report). In september 2019 Latoya Dora presented herself at the KWPN mare inspection in Bears (Friesland) where she received the Ster predicate with a nice score of 75/80 points for constitution/movements, this results mare her dam Vidora EH preferent (3 or more offspring with Ster predicate).


1. Passion EH
 D-OC (2020, colt by Deparon U.S.). Sold to a dressage rider in the Netherlands.

Latoya Dora 1 week old  Latoya Dora 1 week old
                                                                                   Latoya Dora 1 week old
Latoya 1 year old   Latoya 1 year old
                                                                                                                                      Latoya Dora 1 year old
  Latoya at mare selection  
Latoya at mare selection
                                                                                          Latoya Dora 3 year old at KWPN mare inspection in Bears (Friesland).                                                
Latoya Dora with her first foal Passion
Latoya Dora with her first foal Passion, 12 hours old on Easter sunday 2020.