Dressage Level Translator

April 7 2006

On our website we present the dressage level as indicated for the Dutch competition levels. However, sometimes it is convenient to be able to estimate what this level means in other countries. Therefore we have prepared the table below where we indicate the various internationally known dressage elements in combination with the various dressage levels of various countries, like Netherlands and USA.

For the various countries, the basic indications have totally different names, as mentioned below:


Dressage levels
Netherland L M Z ZZ
USA Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4


FEI dressuur element Netherlands FEI dressage element USA
Verzamelde stap M Collected walk Level 2
Midden stap L Medium walk Level 1
Uitgestrekte stap M Extended walk Level 3
Achterwaarts L Backwards Level 2
Keertwending M Turn on hauches Level 2
Verzamelde draf M Collected trot Level 2
Midden draf L Medium trot Level 2
Uitgestrekte draf M Extended trot Level 3
Wijken voor het been L Leg yield Level 1
Schouder binnenwaarts M Shoulder in Level 2
Travers M Travers Level 2
Appuyeren in draf Z Half pass trot Level 3
Verzamelde galop Z Collected canter Level 2
Midden galop L Medium canter Level 2
Uitgestrekte galop Z Extended canter Level 3
Contragalop M Counter canter Level 2
Appuyeren in galop Z Half pass canter Level 3
Eenvoudige galop wissels Z Simple changes Level 2
Vliegende galop wissels Z Flying changes Level 3
Galop wissel om de 3 of 4 sprongen ZZ Flying changes every 3 or 4 Level 4
1/4 pirouette in galop ZZ 1/4 pirouette in canter Level 4

Disclaimer: Although we have tried to put this table together wit significant care, it may prove not completely correct. We would appreciate if, if you inform us if you observe incorrect notions.